Where did it all begin?

Beyond39 was founded by Renier Louwrens in 2021. It has since grown organically with numerous sponsors and partners joining their resources, expertise and strengths to the vision. A vision with one goal in mind – to provided sustainable alternatives, options and solutions to rekindle hope in the hearts of vulnerable South-Africans; to empower people again, who find themselves in unexpected dire circumstances.

Formerly known for his appearance in the television reality series, Survivor SA – Immunity Island, Renier has used his on-screen celebrity status as a means to raise interest in servant stewardship. Renier has vast personal experience in engaging with vulnerable people across Africa, as well as locally. He was part of numerous outreach missions, serving and helping people both within South-Africa and abroad.

The added publicity and following obtained after Renier’s appearance in Survivor SA , allowed for a wider audience to enable as well as a wider community of people to be served.

Beyond39 was birthed with the struggling South-African in mind, but has since grown into an enabling vehicle – offering a unique partnering opportunity to those:

  1. who has a heart to serve the people of our country
  2. who has the ambition to be involved in a record attempt.

The video below reveals the heart behind the decision to start Beyond39. This video aims to encapsulate the passion which forces Beyond39 into existence.