What is BEYOND39?

‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’

Beyond39 is using all the little contributions to sustainably better the lives of a lot of people.

There are numerous ways in which you can get involved.

  • Financial contribution
    • Every rand, dollar, pound, or Euro finding its way into the Beyond39 account means that ‘a little bit of a larger impact’ is made by you. Individuals, who have the slightest conviction to make a difference in other people’s lives, Beyond39 is calling upon you.
    • Companies are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the Beyond39 pioneering partners. Beyond39 presents companies with the opportunity to distribute their contributions to a set of carefully elected Non Profitable Organisations (tax exemption registered), who are united in the same vision. In addition, the involved companies will also have the choice to be associated with the FKT record attempt. A detailed financial distribution plan, as well as a media marketing plan, is available upon request at [email protected].
  • Marketing contribution
    • For those who do not have the direct finances to contribute to the cause, another opportunity exists. The success of Beyond39 lies in awareness, generated by market coverage. Here the followers and staff of Beyond39 have a major role to play. Beyond39 is actively seeking more avenues to be presented to possible partners. Any marketing tool – social media, newspapers, blogs, magazines, podcasts, or websites – generates valuable curiosity into Beyond39. The hope is that more hearts will be fired up to join in the vision of Beyond39.
    • Most people have a personal social media following and each and every account is unique. Participating individuals can help to raise awareness for Beyond39 by sharing information on their personal accounts and utilizing the #Beyond39 handle. This can also create a unique distribution network with the purpose to reach a wider variety of possible investors.
  • Volunteering
    • Beyond39 is currently growing at a rapid pace and is in dire need of volunteers to assist the behind-the-scenes management. Beyond39 is offering opportunities for individuals to become part of the functional diverse team who is growth orientated. If you are over the age of 16 and feel called to contribute to the vision and heart of Beyond39, do not hesitate to submit your application.
    • To become part of the team, contact Renier Louwrens at [email protected] (yes you can also have a cool personalized email address 🤩) or on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin
  • Referencing
    • If you find yourself not being able to contribute through any of the above channels, there is more good news. We all know someone who either has a passion to help people, a passion for business, a passion for extreme exercise, or a combination of the lot. By reaching out to your contacts and connecting them with the Beyond39 team your ‘little’ becomes ‘a lot’.
      Refer these contacts directly to [email protected].