What is BEYOND39?

Beyond39 has originated from a conviction to positively impact the lives of South-Africans who are struggling with some of the major oppressing challenges in our country such as the constant fight against hunger. Beyond39’s mission is to sustainably better the lives of those we partner with. By supporting sustainable solutions, Beyond39 helps to recover hope in the hearts of vulnerable South-Africans who’s circumstances deemed them hopeless. Among those being served by Beyond39’s vision are people

  • fight the daily fight against hunger,
  • children in safe houses,
  • women who suffered from gender based violence
  • victims of riots.

In addition to its conviction to serve people, Beyond39 is known for its adventurous approach to partner with companies who has the heart to help those in need; companies who are also looking for a way in which to differentiate themselves from their counterparts. Currently Beyond39 is preparing for a Fastest Known Time (FKT) solo record attempt.

The FTK record requires an unsupported athlete to run across the Drakensberg World Heritage site in a single attempt, covering 220km – 250km (depending on accuracy of navigation) and climbing a total of 10 000m in the process. This FKT solo record attempt creates the unique opportunity for any individual or company to partner their brand with the values and competetiveness of the Fastest Known Time record. A Fastest Known Time explained in more general language is essentially a world record time on a specific route  the name of any company or individual who partners with Beyond39 will be tightly knitted together with a solo world record attempt to cross the grueling landscape of the Drakensberg in a single attempt.

Beyond39 differentiates itself from traditional charitable avenues in the following ways:

  1. Beyond39 was birthed through a compelling conviction to positively impact the lives of many suffering South -Africans. The conviction came when the Beyond 39 founder, Renier Louwrens, had a small taste of true hunger and suffering during a reality television series at the end of 2020. Upon returning, Beyond39 was founded in order to sustainably better the lives of those whose daily circumstances are much worse than he experienced.
  2. By using untraditional types of events, Beyond39 hopes to secure funding to sustainably better the lives of people in need.
  3. Beyond39 aims to establish a ‘connecting channel’ between companies (or individuals) and charitable organisations, who are committed to provide sustainable solutions for the identified charitable organisations. Beyond39 will provide the ‘channel’ in the form of hosting major blood-sweat-and-tear events, like the FKT attempt.
    This not only generates support for the charitable organisations, but also offers the companies who get involved, the unique opportunity to be associated with a FKT record attempt.